fall / in love

by Sebastian Crook

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Poems on the subjects of autumn and romance from his 365 poetry project found at skrymir.wordpress.com


released August 15, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: you are the colour of the trees
You are the colour of the trees:
the richness of the autumn leaves
and vibrancy of summer greens.
You are the feel of sunlight’s rays:
the light of mornings deep in May
and warming beams of summer days.
You are the taste of crystal springs,
the sound of water when it sings;
you are the life that mountains bring,
the air that lifts the robin’s wing,
you are the heart in everything.
You are the colour of the trees.
Track Name: the artist
What tender brush was used to shade your throat—
to line each tiny hair with silver light
and trace the pattern of your living skin?
What steady hand could sculpt such perfect bones;
on which is draped with flawless grace a cloak
of supple thread in ivory and blush?
What flower gave its colour to your lips;
what lonely star found romance in your eyes?
Whatever entities have formed you thus,
they've done a work miraculous.
Track Name: the earth is put to sleep
Tucked in sheets of rain
and blanketed by cloud,
the earth is put to sleep;
and so must I retreat,
to bed and room to dream
of things beyond control.
Track Name: I won't let you fall
Like light, I will catch you
before you touch the earth;
like earth, you will hold
me close to you.
October has come to an end:
don’t pass me by
like time;
don’t pass me by
this time.
Like leaves, you will change
as the seasons pass,
but I won’t let you fall.
Track Name: mother earth, lady autumn
And now the earth has turned away
to shade her face from shame:
she covers o’er with rain and cloud
to wash away the blame.
And in the darkness of her hands
that cup the clouds within,
the colour of the earth retreats—
she sheds another skin.
Track Name: in the woods near Chilliwack
I gave you a flower, red
like a passionate novel,
and I could have sworn
that the colour of your veins

pulsed brighter to match it.
Its reflection bloomed in the
garden of your eyes and drew
me in like the greatest artist.

And I was like a squid
(a squid?) in the dark pools
of your irises; that is, a
mysterious and wiggling

beast in the darkness of
the greatest abyss, hardly
even aware of the colours
that the sunshine make dance

on the surface of the sea.
I read you a novel, the words
like a treaty between nations
but also like a lullaby, and

I could have read forever,
except the lines on the page
were colourless and the lines
on your skin that made you

look like a dragon if I looked
close enough and squinted
were full of animated tones,
and so I passed the pages

over to you. That’s when the
treaty was signed. That’s
when the child was asleep
and the mother kept singing

softly to the rustling trees
and the silence of the stars.
Your eyes moved from word
to word and formed their

shapes before their sound
came out from between your
lips, which parted like a
favourite chapter, or the

centerfold of a stapled booklet
(only softer and with far
more words inside). And
so passed the evening.
Track Name: the fall is the fastest of seasons
The Fall is the fastest of seasons,
it happens almost overnight: the
leaves break from their trees and fall swiftly
to ground and the crispness seeps into
the air. While the Summer develops
through months of the Spring, and old Winter
begins his crawl far in advance of
his snows and his ice, well, the Autumn
bursts in on the back of the Summer—
she leaps on the winds and twirls dancing
on verdant leaves, turning them, crinkling,
to browns and to reds and to all the
Fall shades.
Yes, the Fall is the fastest of seasons.
Track Name: september dreams
September dreams have faded now:
October wind has driven them
away and placed within your soul
a simple wish to simply live—
November air awakens you
to thoughts of fires and moving on,
and old September dreams have faded.

When winter falls upon the world,
with wicked winds and frozen breath,
the verdant green September trees
will stand like resolutions from
the midnight stroke of New Year’s day,
when viewed as through the moving brook
of waxing spring or mid-July:
such things will swiftly slip away,
and old September dreams will fade.

The spring will come, but even then,
September dreams are covered up
by colours fresh and crisp new air,
perfumed by tiny fragrant buds
and washed and drowned by swollen streams.
The sun is born again and has no time
to light your old September dreams,
for new decisions rain upon
the sodden soil and take up all
the rays the sun can offer them.
So in the shadows, left at night,
your old September dreams will fade.

The green, the chattering, of leaves;
excited conversations; walks;
the talks and company of summertime
will cover up September dreams,
and leave you hot and thirsting for
the calm and colder air of fall—
and when it comes, you’ll dream again,
but know: September dreams will fade.
Track Name: sea creed
By crook of waist and crink of knee,
and curve of spine and curl of ear;
by clasp of hands and creed of eye,
and crest of tongue and crimp of brow;
by coil of hair and crease of lip,
and cream of teeth and cave of mouth;
by cave and cream and crease and coil;
by crimp and crest and creed and clasp;
by curl and curve and crink and crook;
I swear by all I see in you,
I’ll be the sea that comforts you,
I’ll be the sea that quiets you,
I’ll be the sea that roars for you,
I’ll be the sea that carries you,
I’ll be the sea that battles you,
I’ll be the sea that strengthens you,
I’ll be the sea that waters you,
I’ll be the sea that washes you,
I’ll be the sea that weeps for you,
I’ll be the sea that weakens you,
I’ll be the sea I see in you.